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More than 50 Years of Excellence in the Recycling Equipment Industry

Since 1972, R.M. Johnson Company, Inc. has manufactured, sold and serviced industry-leading metal recycling equipment in the United States and internationally. As a family-owned company, we focus on offering clients the highest quality equipment, service and support. With over 1,300 E-Z crushers sold, we have come to be known as "E-Z Crusher" internationally; we're proud of that.

Why E-Z Crusher

At E-Z Crusher, we manufacture a complete line of equipment to compress salvage automobile bodies and ferrous scrap. The quality and easy-to-maintain nature of our machines, combined with our commitment to providing timely and responsive service, has helped us gain an outstanding reputation within the recycling industry.

Committed to Building Relationships With Every Client

We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with every client we serve. We begin working to that goal the moment you contact us. First, we get to know your business, your specific needs and the steps you’ve already taken to resolve them. Once we have a good knowledge of who you are and what you need, we help you select and implement the equipment that best meets your needs.

Our service does not end at the point of sale. We are always available to offer assistance regarding any service, maintenance or upgrade issues you may encounter throughout the life of your equipment.

Equipment Solutions for a Wide Range of Applications

E-Z Crusher offers several types and sizes of machines to compress recyclable metals, including car crushers, rim crushers, balers and loggers. With several sizes and types of machines available, we can help you address your specific equipment needs.

Need to get rid of an old machine?

As your business evolves, your equipment needs change. We offer industry-leading used equipment purchasing and trade-in terms, allowing you to address your changing machinery needs without sacrificing your operating budget.

Want to Learn More?

Your recycling equipment needs are unique to you. We work hard to provide the personalized guidance and advice you need to understand available options, pricing plans and more.

Our experienced sales staff is ready to visit with you about your equipment needs. Click below to find a sales representative in your area.