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Our HOSS model EZ Crusher, with its High Opening and Super Speed will process your vehicles easily.

Opening Size

20' x 9'1" x 7'7"

Overall Length


Up to Any Task

With its Volvo power, 9' opening height, and increased capacity hydraulic system, the model HOSS EZ Crusher will speed production and make loading the last vehicle of the bundle easier.

Unique Bottom-Mount Cylinders

Our system's unique bottom-mounted cylinders pull, rather than push, the crusher deck down reducing the strain on the hydraulic system without sacrificing crushing power.

Manual & Automatic Capabilities

Our Crushers can be run manually or automatically with our remote automation system.

Built Using Standard Components

Each of our crushers is built using standard-sized components that are easily sourced, maintained, and repaired. This means servicing the machine is a simple and efficient process.

Additional Specifications


System Pressure 2500 psi
Port Reliefs Set At 2650 psi
Cylinders 10" bore
Travel 78"
Shaft 4" rod


Size 20' x 9'1" x 7'7"


Weight 61,000 lbs
Length 43'3"
Travel & Operating Height 13'3"
John Deere or Volvo Motor option available

Want More Information About Our Model HOSS Crusher?

At E-Z Crusher, we know that the details matter when comparing your crushing equipment options. Our sales team is here to provide the information and advice you need. Contact us to learn more about the Model HOSS Crusher today.

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