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The E-Z Rim Crusher reduces scrap passenger tires into easy-to-manage sizes for recycling. If you need to crush wheels quickly and efficiently, the E-Z Rim Crusher is the machine for you.

Cylinder Size


Engine Output

16 Horsepower

Cycle Time

20 Seconds

Portable and Powerful

The E-Z Rim Crusher is fully portable and can attach to any 2-inch ball hitch. The powerful gasoline engine and innovative hydraulic system can crush steel rims to allow removal of rubber tire in just 20 seconds. Not to be used on aluminum or alloy wheels or rims.

Built to Last

The EZ Rim Crusher is constructed of high-grade quality steel and hydraulic components, while using standard parts. This means the machine will stand up to years of even the most demanding use.

Designed for Ease of Use

The E-Z Rim Crusher was designed with your staff in mind. The machine’s low stance and safety features help take the stress off workers and reduce the chance of injury during operation.

Available Tire Cutting Attachment

The optional tire-cutting attachment cuts rubber tires in sections during each cycle, further reducing the size of your tire pile and making it easier to recycle passenger tires. Nesting the pieces also reduces stagnant water.

Contact Us for More Information.

We welcome you to contact our team directly for additional information about our E-Z Rim Crusher. Fill out the form provided here, and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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