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E-Z Crusher offers a full line of machinery to compress and manage recyclable metals. From car crushers to balers, each of our machines is quality built and proven in the field. Our equipment is backed by the support of our team of manufacturing and maintenance experts.

Crush Salvage Automobile Bodies Quickly and Easily with Our Line of Crushers

The faster and more efficiently your operation can process materials, the higher your profit margins.

Our crushers are primarily designed to compress automobiles, pickup trucks, and other light vehicles quickly and easily, wherever you need them. We offer crushers in three sizes, each offering unique benefits, crushing forces and applications.

E-Z Crusher Model A

With 10-inch cylinders and a hydraulic system capable of delivering 2500 psi, our Model A Crusher is up to the challenge of even the most rigorous and demanding scrap automobile and metal recycling applications.

E-Z Crusher Model B

The E-Z Crusher Model B is perfect for the local recycling yard looking to crush scrap automobile bodies and ferrous metal. It can also be used for custom crushing operations.

E-Z Crusher Model A+22

With a 22 foot long deck, the EZ Crusher A22 will easiliy handle your longer vehicles.

E-Z Crusher Hoss

Our HOSS model EZ Crusher, with its High Opening and Super Speed will process your vehicles easily.

Separate Steel from Rubber in Seconds Using Our Portable Rim Crushers

Removing rubber tires from steel rims used to be a time-consuming task. Today, the task is accomplished by machines in a fraction of the time and effort it once took.

Our fully portable rim crushers are capable of compressing steel vehicle rims in approximately 30 seconds. This fast cycle time allows you to separate steel rims from rubber tires quickly and efficiently.

Our optional tire cutting attachment makes it possible to slice rubber tires into sections.

The E-Z Rim Crusher

The E-Z Rim Crusher reduces scrap passenger tires into easy-to-manage sizes for recycling. If you need to crush wheels quickly and efficiently, the E-Z Rim Crusher is the machine for you.

Manage Loose Ferrous Metal with Ease Using Our Balers & Loggers

Compressing loose materials such as hoods, roofs and clips into easy to manage bundles is an integral part of the recycling process. Our balers and loggers have been carefully designed to compress loose materials into bundles that are easy to manage and transport.

We have multiple balers and loggers to fit a wide range of applications and business needs.

E-Z Log Baler Model 3

Converting loose bulk metals into valuable shredder logs is a key step in the recycling process. The E-Z Log Baler Model 3 offers best in class power, portability and speed, turning piles of scrap metal into easy to manage, easy to sell logs.

E-Z Log Baler Model 4

The larger your recycling operation, the more important and difficult the task of baling loose metals becomes. The E-Z Log Baler Model 4 is up to the challenge of taking on even the largest piles of ferrous scrap with ease and efficiency.

E-Z Log Baler Model 5

Compressing an empty vehicle chassis is a challenging task for many recycling yards. Enter the E-Z Log Baler Model 5, the solution for baling scrap automobile bodies into easy-to-manage and easy-to-process logs.

Check Out Our Wide Range of Used Equipment

New isn’t the only solution to your equipment needs – a quality used machine may do just as nicely. Check out our wide range of used equipment to fit several applications.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Equipment Needs

At E-Z Crusher, we pride ourselves on offering quality new and used equipment and support to every client we serve. Our experienced sales staff is ready to visit with you about your equipment needs. Click below to find a Sales Representative in your area.