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Pictured above are seventeen full-size tires ready to be baled. The E-Z Tire Baler is designed to process all passenger size tires up to 16". This innovative machine can bale approximately 500 tires per hour with ease.

Once your tires are densified in the loading chamber, simply attach four wire ties quarterly around the bale. These ties are installed manually in seconds. This bale (pictured below) contains seventeen 15" tires and weighs 350 pounds. An average bale contains twenty 13" or 14" tires and weighs approximately 360 pounds.

Saving space is only one benefit of densifying waste tires. It also decreases the amount of stagnant water and lessens the risk of fire.

To maximize your space and minimize the cost of transporting waste tires, invest in the E-Z Tire Baler.


  • 4" x 108" cylinder with 3" rod. Controlled by a single lever hydraulic valve.
  • 16 H.P. gasoline engine. (standard power unit)
  • Constructed of quality high grade steel and hydraulic components to withstand years of heavy use.
  • Lower stance for easier loading of tires.

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