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If you need wheels crushed and want it done quickly, efficiently, and neatly, then the R.M. Johnson Company has the machine for you. The E-Z Rim Crusher will crush all passenger car sized tire with ease.

Built in heavy duty features provide you with top performance with minimum service. Features, such as a single cylinder and heavy tubular mainframe, are able to handle the daily stress and abuse of heavy work cycles withour any problem. The large hydraulic tank and filtering system provide complete protection for long service life of all hydraulic components.

The E-Z Rim Crusher is completely portable which enables you to take it where the work is. The only set uo needed is to check the fluid levels and you are ready to go to work. Therefore, no time is wasted and you can profitably reduce the volume of rims in your salvage yard.


  1. Fully portable unit with 2" ball hitch, safety chains, and D.O.T. running lights.
  2. NEW 5" x 30" Cylinder with 3" rod. Controlled by a single lever hydraulic valve.
  3. 16 H.P. gasoline engine. (standard power unit)
  4. Constructed of high quality grade steel, and hydraulic components, to withstand years of heavy use.
  5. Lighter tongue weight.
  6. Shorter stance for easier loading.
  7. Guards on all lights to prevent damage.

The E-Z Rim Crusher is also available with a
Tire Cutting Attachment!
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